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DMG Tube Collector


High heat efficiency; can work all year long; advanced heat exchange method. It works well, even at less sunny regions, since the absorption of the sun is very high while the heat loss is very little. It produces an output within 2 minutes. The highest temperature can go up to 250C . The heat is transferred by an exchange medium. Since there is no water in the tubes, they are unlikely to break in winter. Also, since lacking of water, a blockage in the tube due to furring or bed load is being prevented.

The collector can even operate if one or several tubes are broken. Moreover, the system is convenient to fix and maintain. A single tube can, if necessary, be exchanged without interruption of the heating cycle. The high performance of the heat-pipe energy exchanging method ensures anti-freezing.



1.Manifold: Aluminum

2.Alumnium Structure



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